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Binomo Review 2022

We all love a passive stream of income but, only a few of us step foot on the paddle and decide to create it. 

Much like any active income stream, the passive stream also requires some effort in the right direction. 

Without making the right efforts, it’s nearly impossible to generate anything. 

But many people are not sure how to create a passive income stream. What should they do?

Well, if you are one of them then, don’t worry because today I am going to share the best way to earn passive income. 

And, that is online trading. 

Online trading is the sale and purchase of financial assets and cryptocurrencies. 

So, to help you understand the concept of trading on a deeper level, I will go over the use of an authentic website known as Binomo and do a  Binomo Review

Binomo is one of the best websites on the internet that allows you to start your trading journey by depositing a small amount of $1.

Established in 2014, the website has gained a lot of popularity in such a quick period. 

Around 911,276 traders trade through Binomo every day making it a popular choice amongst premium traders. 

Binomo India’s website has 70+ tradeable assets that you can choose to trade with. 

Pros & Cons

Much like all the other websites, Binomo too has some ups and downsides to it. Let’s discuss them in the pros and cons section of the Binomo Review

70+ tradeable assets are available.   CySEC license is absent.  
Customer support is 24×7. Terms and Conditions might confuse the users.   
No commission on payouts.   No MT4 & MT5 integration.
Many trading options for users. Trade signals are absent.   

Trading Platforms 

Once you sign up as a user you get 3 types of Binomo Trading Platform(s) to trade with. Each of these platforms has different features and benefits associated with them. 

So, let’s delve into each one of them:

Standard Trading Account

Much like its name standard trading platform offers basic benefits to traders. If you are a beginner then, this is the account you should sign up for. 

You can start a standard trading account with just $10. Also, you can start trading with just $1. 

The standard account allows you to access 70 trading assets and get trading profits of up to 85%. 

You can withdraw your earnings within 3 days(working) and also get free technical support from the Binomo team. 

Gold Trading Account

The gold trading account offers a monthly cashback of 5%. A gold account holder has to deposit $500 as a trading amount to start trading. 

He gets extended bonuses and can also withdraw his winning within 24 hours.

As a gold account holder, you get considered a premium member by the website. They provide you with analytical support and give you easy ways to trade successfully. 

For customer support service too, gold members are the priority. 

VIP Trading Account

VIP Trading Account is for trading elites. If you have been a player in the market for a considerable amount of time then, Binomo’s VIP account is the best bet for you. 

 Just by depositing $1000 in your account, you can become a VIP trader where you will enjoy 100% bonus benefits and, fixed profits on trading up to 87%. 

You can also withdraw your winnings within 4 hours and, get 10% cashback every week. 

The customer and analytical support with watch your back 24×7 helps you with all sorts of queries that arise. 

The Standout

VIP accounts standouts for all types of trading accounts for the right reasons. One of the biggest benefits that it provides to elite traders is the deposit amount. 

$1000 is a very nominal amount if you look at other trading websites. You have to deposit way more money to enter in their elite VIP group than Binomo. 

Platform Regulations

Binomo does not hold any certification or license from any recognized body. However, they are working on getting a license from CySEC

They are also a category A broker according to the  Financial Commission

Education Material

Binomo provides one of the best real-time education to its traders. They provide a demo account that allows you to get a real-time experience of the trading website. 

By entering your email address, you get access to a demo account loaded with $1000. 

You cannot use the amount in real-time trading as it is there for you to understand the trading concepts. 

You can neither withdraw nor use the amount in your real trading wallet. 

Also, to help you gain a deeper understanding of trading concepts, they have free training guides available on Binomo’s website.

Latest Offers

Binomo Offers heavily depend upon your deposit amount. You can get from 25% to 100% of the bonus on deposits. 

Transaction Charges

Binomo Charges 0% commission on your trade transaction. 

Deposits & Withdrawals

Speaking of transactions, you can use VISA or Master card as the Binomo Payment Method to deposit or withdraw your winnings. 

Binomo offers a swift passage of withdrawals through some local third-party applications too depending on your country.

Customer Support

No matter which plans you buy on Binomo, they always provide the best customer support to all tiers of users. 

Binomo Customer Support is one of the best support systems provided to users. 

You can email them at or call them at + 18499366003 to register your complaint. 


Binomo is one of the cheapest websites to start trading. The trading amount is one thing that stands out in the entire Binomo Review.

By depositing just $10 in the trading account, you can begin your trading journey. You can start your first trade with just $1. 

Also, the website’s VIP account is one of the cheapest and most effective VIP accounts offered by any trading website. 

You simply have to pour in $1000 and you can get all the facilities from special data analytics to 100% bonus benefits. 

So, if you are a beginner, Binomo is one website that will interest you both in terms of investment and benefits.  Binomo’s layout is simple and just about anybody can easily understand and operate it.

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