Interesting Facts About Cricket That You Should Know

Cricket started a long time ago; since then, so many exciting facts have happened. People who love cricket don’t even know about these interesting facts. Today we will have a look at some of the exciting facts about our cricket industry.

If you are a cricket lover, you will love these facts. It will include all the facts about cricket or the cricket industry. Do you know any interesting facts about cricket?

1. Facts About The First World Cup

Do you know who won the first World Cup? The first world cup was held in 1975 and is known as the ICC Men’s cricket world cup. The exciting fact is that women’s cricket teams won this match two years before that. Yes, you heard it right. Most cricket lovers do not know about this.

The First world cup was held between the England women’s and Australia women’s teams. In that match, the England team lifted the Trophy with a score of 279 with 3.

  • Played between England and Australia
  • It was held in the year of 1973
  • It was held two years before the men’s cricket
  • The misconception that the first World cup held in 1975
  • The England women’s team wins this match.

2. Sachin Tendulkar Played For Pakistan Once

This fact is exciting, and many people cannot digest it, but it is true. Sachine Tendulkar has played for the Pakistan team once. It was the initial period of his career in the cricket industry before stepping into international cricket.

He was asked to do the fielding for the Pakistan cricket team when Javed Miandad and Abdul Qadir were not present in the cricket match because they both left the cricket for launch.

  • It was the festival match. In Mumbai in 1987
  • It was the initial stage of his career and when he had just started his journey.
  • Sachin Tendulkar has disclosed this in his Autobiography 
  • This match was played in the Mumbai Brabourne Stadium in India
  • Most Cricket lovers did not know about this

3. Suresh Raina’s T20 Centuries

We all know Suresh Raina for his excellent Cricket performances in the past. He scored so many centuries in his Cricket career but did you know that he scored two centuries on the same date?

In a T20 match, he scored his first century on 2nd May 2010 and second century on 2nd May 2013. He became the game’s man after hitting a century in both matches.

  • The first century against sound African on 2nd May 2010
  • Second century in CSK vs. KXIP 
  • In the India vs. South Africa, rains hist his first century in ODIs
  • Similarly, the second century is the Ist IPL century of Suresh raina

4. First Ever Cricket Match That Was Played

Suppose you are a true fan of Cricket. You must know when the first ever cricket match was played. It was played between Canada and the USA in the year 1844 in September in the St George’s Cricket Club in New York.

This was the first ever International match that was played in the World. Most of you have heard this for the first time, but this is a fact. This shows how old cricket is.

  • Canada finally wins this match by 23 runs.
  • Name of Location now changed to 30th Street and Broadway in Manhattan
  • This was the first ever international match played.
  • The history of cricket is long.
  • The fact is that now the USA and Canada don’t have a cricket team

5. Cricket To Play For Two Counties

This is one of the interesting facts. Are you aware of the play for two countries? Yes, Saif Ali Khan’s Grandfather Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi, was also in cricket and played for India and England. He has been part of the team for a test cricket match.

  • He is the only Indian to play for both team
  • He played for England in the year of 1932 and 1934
  • Occupation cricket as well as a civil servant
  • They mostly played for India and less for England

6. Player To Score A Century In Semi-Final And Final Of World Cup

The Match is one of the most awaited matches in the world. People wait for the world matches but do you know who hit a century in semi- final and final of the world cup?

Sri Lanka cricket Mahela Jayawardane is the only cricketer who hit a century in the semi-final in 2007 and the second century in the Final world cup in 2011.

  • In 2011 India won the World Cup, and Mahela hit his century
  • He was one of the leading players in the Sri Lanka Cricket team
  • Hitting centuries in the final is a big thing for any cricketer.

7. Continues Man Of The Match Awards In ODIs

Winning the man of the match is a big thing for any cricketer. Do you know who the cricketer who wins the man of the game continuously in ODI matches is? Saurav Ganguly is the cricketer who made this possible in 1997 against the Pakistan cricket team.

This is the 5-match series which is held in Toronto, Canada. Ganguly won the four continuous matches of the match in ODIs. This made the world record in the name of Ganguly, who currently holds this record in his book.

  • Saurav Ganguly made this record in the year of 1997
  • This series is still in the mind of cricket lovers
  • Continues man of the match takes dedication

8. First Indian To Hit A Century In ODIs

Do you know who is the first India to hit a century in the ODIs? Kapil Dev is the first Indian to hit the first century in the ODI. he made this record in his career.

This is the time when India was playing the world in the year of 1983 against Zimbabwe. This was the most challenging match for India at that period.

  • Kapil dev made history also by winning the world cup in 1983
  • He is the first Indian to make this history
  • ‘In that match, Kapil dev has given the excel performance

Closing words

These are some of the interesting facts from the cricket industry. Which one is your interesting fact about cricket from the above?  You can also share any favorite thing about the cricket match in the comment section. There are so many other facts about cricket that we will transfer to you in the future. Let us know how you like these facts, and also, don’t forget to share your exciting points in the comment section.