Forex Trading For Beginners: A Guide to making money from forex trading?

Forex Trading For Beginners: A Guide to making money from forex trading? It’s good to invest your money to generate extra income. There are options available, such as the stock market, securities, and commodities. The forex market is the other option that you can consider for an investment. This market is getting popular among investors as well as traders. You can also make a good amount of money from this market.

Investors are moving to the foreign market for better investment opportunities. One of the reasons for this is that they wanted to get a good return on their investments. Today, we’ll take a look at a comprehensive guide to the Forex market for beginners. And for those who wanted to explore the forex market alone.

Let’s take a look at the complete Forex market guide for investors who are new to this market and want to understand everything. You will also get some views about how this market works and how you can make money in this market.

  • What is the forex market? Basic understanding 
  • How the forex market evolved and its history
  • Types of Forex market available.
  • How does the forex market work?
  • How to make money in the forex market
  • Countries that are involved in the forex market.
  • Forex Market Pros and Cons
  • Bonus tips for investing in the Forex market
  • Final thoughts on the Forex market

The Basic Definition of the Forex Market

A forex market is a place or market where the buyer or seller exchanges or trades one country’s currency with another country’s currency. This can be understood with an example. When a person from Australia goes to the USA, he needs to convert the Australian dollar to the US dollar, which is also a foreign transaction that they have entered. Even though the party may not be aware that they have done a forex translation with each other, this will be termed a forex transaction.

There are some units that participate in the Forex market, such as investment companies, central banks, banks, investors, private firms, and forex brokers. These all make up the transactions in the forex market. In this market, the majority of the trade that takes place is to earn profits from the market. 

This is the global market for the trading of foreign currencies. This market also determines the rates of currency based on volatility in the market.

Let’s know what the history of the forex market is to understand it better.

The History of the Forex Market

The first forex market was first established in Amsterdam around 500 years ago to freely exchange foreign currency. This is the place from which the forex transactions were first initiated. To understand it better, we need to understand two important concepts:

  • The Gold Standard System
  • Bretton Woods, System

What is a Gold Standard System?

We all know the barter system, one of the oldest methods of exchanging goods and services for other goods and services. This system started in 6000 B.C. to exchange goods or services as per the needs of both parties. In those days, it was specifically used to exchange salt and spices.

The Gold standard system began in the 16th century, but it was later discovered that carrying gold for the exchange of goods and services was difficult. To solve this problem, the government has started to print money on paper, using gold as a base for printing the money. so that the printed money can be easily exchanged.

This system is also not that successful because of the disputes between both parties. Finally, the government had to introduce the Bretton Woods System to resolve all the issues that the gold standard system was facing at that time.

What is a Bretton Woods System?

This system is introduced where the currency of a country is attached or fixed to other strong currencies. In that period, the currency of one country was fixed to the currency of the US dollar because, at that time, the US was the strongest country in terms of US gold reserves. This policy was introduced back then to resolve all the issues that the economy of that country was facing at that time.

After the introduction of this policy, countries had to make transactions in the US dollar as a basis for the currency exchange. This system is also not that successful, because of the lack of US gold reserves. Other systems were also introduced, such as the free-floating system, but this did not survive for long.

And finally, Internet trading came into existence where all the transactions happened through telecommunications, and this has been growing so fast in the past years. It has more than $5 trillion in dollar transactions every day.

Different types of Forex market

Spot market

In this market, currencies, commodities, or securities are traded for delivery in T+2 working data. It is also known as the cash market because here the currency is traded on an immediate basis. In this market, the translation or the settlement of translation happens within 2 working days, and this is a common practice in this market that is followed while making any transaction.

Futures market

In the future market, the transitions are executed at a predetermined price. In this market, the liquidity of the translation is high, and the rate at which the translation is executed is known as the “future rate.” So if the translation is entered today, the rate will be taken for future dates.

Forward market 

Under this market, the price is fixed today for the transaction that is going to happen in the future for the existing terms and conditions. The parties make the contract and fix the terms and conditions today for an agreed price, and they execute the transition in the future for an agreed price which is entered into the contract.

Swap market

In this market, investors borrow the currency of one country, and in return, they pay the currency of another country to the second party. This exchange of currency is known as the “swap market. This is lending and borrowing the money of two countries.

Options market

This is a very interesting market for buying and selling foreign currency. In this, the buyer has the right to sell or buy the currency at a fixed price in the future at a fixed date. I.e., now the buyer possesses the full right to buy or sell currency at his discretion because he has paid the option premium for this. The market where this transaction takes place is known as the options market.

How does the Forex market work?

If you know the other trading markets, such as stocks, shares, properties, or securities, investors buy them at a low price, sell them at a higher price, and make a profit from the sale at a higher price. Similarly, the forex market works; here the exchange of one country’s currency is exchanged with the currency of the other countries.

Let’s understand this with the help of an example: $1000 is purchased for $1400. It means it has a rate of $1, which is equal to 1.4 Australian dollars. So if the rate increases to $1, equal to 1.6 Australian dollars, Now the buyer will sell his $1000 for 1600 Australian dollars and make a profit of $200. This is known as a foreign transaction, and this is how overall forex works. Investors buy the currency at a low price and sell it at a higher price to make money.

How you can make the money from the Forex market?

The forex market is a good platform for investors or traders to make a good profit, but this can be achieved only if you have good knowledge of this market. How to make money from the forex market? The simple answer to this is to purchase the foreign currency at a low price and sell it at a higher price, and the difference will be considered a profit.

You can follow the following steps to start investing in the market:

Step 1: Find a broker to invest money with.

This is the very first step if you are a beginner in this market and you don’t have any forex account. The important thing to consider while selecting the broker is that it should comply with all the regulatory compliance of the regulatory body. Another point to consider is how much commission is charged by that broker. Choose the one who is charging less commission.

Step 2: Before beginning to invest, thoroughly understand the foreign exchange market.

If you are jumping into the market without any knowledge of how it works, then there are high chances that you will lose all of your money in this market. The second is that you need to gain knowledge about your market as much as possible to tackle all the challenges in it.

Step 3: Beginning with a dummy forex account

There are many platforms available, where you can practice your investing or trading journey with the help of dummy accounts, to avoid any kind of financial loss in the market. This is highly recommended for those who are just getting started and are complete beginners.

Step 4: Get started with a low-cost investment.

Once you gain enough experience from the dummy accounts, you can proceed with the small investment. Here, the small investment means the amount which will not affect you even if you lose all of that amount.

Step 5: Take action at the right time

To make money in this market, you should be able to take action at the right time to make a profit in this market. It means if you see a good profit just exit from there and make the profit without just waiting to increase more profit.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Forex Market

Advantages of the forex market:

Easy accessibility

It is really easy to open your forex account and start your journey into the forex market. You can choose any brokerage platform available on the market to do the forex translation. You can open your account and switch for 2–5 days. So it is easily accessible.

Flexibility in the timing

The forex market is open 24*7 for all 5 days a week. This allows investors to choose any time as per their convenience to start trading in the forex market. There are also so many websites available that provide you with the accessibility of the various news and tools to help you trade properly in the forex market.

Trading options

In the forex market, there are so many different options available for the investor to invest in the other markets, such as the spot market, future market, and forward market. This also allows investors to choose any market and trade in these markets as per their interests.

The Forex market has the following disadvantages:

High volatility in the market.

In this market, the volatility of the price is high, which increases the financial risk in the market. The foreign exchange rates change every second up and down. There may be chances that you may lose all of your money if you don’t have the proper knowledge and experience in this market.

There is a lack of transparency.

The forex market is mainly controlled by the big players in the market, such as central banks, big investment companies, and other big investors. The small investor still doesn’t know the proper reason for the velocity in the market and price changes. It is a decentralized system, which does not make it transparent to the investor, and this makes it difficult for the investor to determine the price prediction in the foreign market.

Countries that are involved in the forex market:

  • America (U.S. Dollar)
  • Europe (EURO)
  • English-British Pound (GBP)
  • Switzerland: Swiss Franc (CHF).
  • The Canadian Dollar (CAD)
  • Australian and New Zealand dollars (AUD and NZD)
  • Japan (Yen)
  • The South African Rand (ZAR)


This article is for beginners who are just starting in the forex market and want to understand the basics of the forex market. Start with a small amount and try to focus on learning more about forex rather than just focusing on making money in the beginning. If you already have knowledge about stocks, shares, or securities, then it will be easier for you to understand the concepts of forex.

Also, remember all the rules and regulations for investing in the forex market as per the regulatory body of the currency. If you violate any rules, this may also lead to penal punishment under the law of the land. I hope you like this article. Share your feedback about this.