JackpotCity Casino Review 2022

Let me start by pointing out the elephant in the room, or should I say let me first do away with addressing what is called a taboo in the country. Gambling to be very fair is the most celebrated hush-hush sport in the country. Be it festivals, functions or any celebration in general gambling takes the first seat while everything else can wait this does not. JackpotCity casino is what I was introduced to by the internet and was left very, very surprised with. Hence, here’s my Jackpot City casino review.

About JackpotCity Casino:

While there are many ways to toss your luck for a spin, one of the very famous and essential ventures is the JackpotCity casino in India.

In my JackpotCity Casino Review, I’ll talk about how jackpot city is one of the most famous and growing online casinos in India.

JackpotCity has a base of thousands in the country and a Million worldwide.

Hence I decided to give my luck (which has not been the best over the last few months) a try.

While I started my long list of exploration of the variety of games that were on offer.

 My eyes went scrolled from the top to bottom without being able to zero into one where should I draw my line and stick with one of them? What really caught my eye is the Jackpot city casino’s website.

The user interface was very well designed showcasing all the offers that were up for grabs. There were lucrative signup options that were there to be filled and go ahead with.

The names of the games that were available for us to play at Jackpot city casino were Blackjack, Bingo, Baccarat, Keno, Poker, Roulette, Scratch card, and Video poker. 

Pros & Cons :

As it is a gambling website it is ought to have some pros and cons. It is for you to see what -weights what.

Let’s here talk about its pros and cons a bit.


The pros could be stated as it is one of the smoothest websites. The unique selling point is the bonus amount. The bonus you will be getting will be as soon as you have signed up for your much-needed games night

The other pros would include, the user interface being very interactive. As soon as you will be done with one game there would be other games to follow.

 The pros would also include the very large variety of games to be played. The number would be as many as four hundred and thirty.

 The signing bonus that you get, is very high compared to the other casinos.

 With a base user of millions, it is one of the finest and the best online casinos there.


Though not really sure if that’s even a positive point or a negative. Once you start off with a game, you’ll be consumed in it for real long. 

The time will just flow without you even realizing it. 

Though I found the cons to be fewer there are a few.

For instance, you won’t be able to participate in the games if you were from a certain country. People from countries like the United Kingdom and South Africa were banned from playing.

The wagering requirement on the initial bonus is very high. The bonus will only be there to be used in the slot machines. Though it is a bit of a bummer yet if the bonus amount can be used smartly. Also one can easily earn a lot of profits thereafter

Although there were a few games that were blacklisted due to certain customer problems. People had to face problems playing the games and their money getting stuck was a con. Some of the games in the list of blacklisted games had a problem with UI( user interface ) or had a problem with the software development in itself.

JackpotCity Casino Usability & Accessibility:

The moment you register with them you will receive a cash bonus. That will help you to start off your night with a variety of games. At Jackpot City casino India it’s forty-eight thousand. 

The signing amount abroad is thousands of dollars.

I started off with a round of Roulette initially I did have a moment of freezing or brain fade. If you are new, then deciding how to start off and where to place the bets can get confusing.

As soon as the directions will be given on the computer the doubts regarding the process start to fade away. Over the next two hours, you will be pretty hooked on it winning some and losing many for sure in the process. Though with what I was impressed by the most was the smoothness of how the software was designed. 

There were no lags in the due time. Though I had a very smooth internet connection to help my course. 

What online game streaming platforms suffer the most is the feasibility of their usability. The feasibility of its usability wasn’t the problem here whatsoever.

Moreover, it was the smoothness of the platform worth appreciating. With the losses topping up my winnings it was my time to redeem myself. 

The time was to play something where I was good at and had a pretty smooth record of the past winning. I wasn’t shy of slowly and steadily getting back to winning ways. 

I did call all my lucky gods and chanted for a bit so that I wasn’t left disappointed this time.

The next game to follow in my pursuit was poker, as we know poker is all, about getting the hand full of cards right.

The moment I was allowed to pick my hand I probably had the best choice of combination of what you can expect to get after a series of losses in Roulette.

I not only won the first round of poker by a margin but also recovered my losses incurred in the last two rounds of the roulette. 

The confidence was back and so were the losses and now I thought of increasing my betting money and taking a bigger risk.

Though wasn’t required but a man’s greed is a man’s greed. What even is this game without a sense of uncertainty that is what drives you isn’t it? 

That’s how I motivated myself and went all in(not really).

As I said some risks are worth taking and no risk no gain, Right?

That’s what happened to me, I won the second round as well and now I started my date with profits. The reward points scheme is also something I was introduced to there.

Latest Offers With Freebies:

You either win big or lose a big one there is hardly any in-between. In JackpotCity casino’s latest offers, you as much as two lakh as a signing bonus. 

The bonus is for slot games (mind you it can be only used in slot machines).

Payment Methods:

The JackpotCity casino payment method is one of the most responsive and the most secure gateways that you’ll ever see. Most of us are skeptical about the payment systems online but in the JackpotCity casino review.  

JackpotCity considers a large variety of cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Qiwi wallet, web money, e-Konto, Bank wire transfer, Paypal, Visa electron, Neteller, Astropay card, iDebit, Transferencia bancaria local, etc. 

The wide options give you the chance and the opportunity to make the payment easily. This also helps you to experience the gateway smoothness firsthand.

Casino Customer Support:

JackpotCity casino customer support, let me speak about it at stretch. I am not sure if you all have been to a real casino. Then you will understand how it is heaven in front of them all. 

As I mentioned before I did have a bit of a problem in figuring out my possible pathway on how to start off my gaming night.

 The problem was with roulette the Jackpot city customer service pulled me out of the pit of the unknown.

The service customer was very quick to respond to my questions. They followed me up with instructions at length. Explaining the process of how things work and the steps that I needed to follow.

The JackpotCity casino customer service was a big thumbs up!

Rewards & Loyalty Programs

In the JackpotCity casino review, I will have to talk about its loyalty bonus. We are aware that the wagering amount with the signing is a bit high but what it is known for and provides.

The JackpotCity loyalty program, the loyalty points earned in the process. It makes you a VIP member or a bronze VIP member of JackpotCity casino.

Slot machines is where you can use all the sign-up money. The money you will be getting but the wagering remains as high as 50x.


The JackpotCity came into being in the year 1998. Over time it has not only built a loyal customer base. JackpotCity has also made itself very famous and known in the niche of its business. 

There are close to about three and a half million users worldwide. The JackpotCity casino holds a gambling license from malta and the Fairplay it is overseen by the eCogra. 

The eCOGRA certification is a proven source that the casino offers players fair winning opportunities.

 Jackpot City ensures a fair chance of winning the games through the use of a random number generator which is algorithm based.

 The most recent eCOGRA report stated that the pay-outs on almost all casino games. The pay-out averaged around 96%. 

There’s a huge wide variety of games to choose from. There are as many as four hundred and thirty games.

 And the signing up process is also very easy and can be done in three steps. If you are someone who loves playing slot games you should definitely check out the JackpotCity Casino review. There are over four hundred excellent titles to choose from. 

The very generous welcome bonus also helps you in getting started. The licenses and credentials are from MGA and eCogra. That assures that, this is a safe and secure casino to play at.

You also have more than 100 other casino games to play. This includes live dealer games from Evolution Gaming. And of course, the best progressive jackpots – it’s called Jackpot City for a reason.

 To sum up the  JackpotCity Casino Review, it’s been an absolutely overwhelming experience to take part in all the varied games. With luck and a bit of calculation, you’re never far off from a win. 

To conclude, very hopeful for you all, Happy winning.

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