Twin Casino Review 2022

In India, the number of online casinos is steadily growing. This is good news for players, like you. If you’re bored with your daily online casino means more opportunities to try. But how do you find out if your time is worth a new online casino? That is where we come in, Rupee Casinos. Being such an excellent online twin casino guidance in India, we aim to make you more confident in playing the game. If there’s a new online casino here, we’re making it our job to know and study everything there’s to know about it. We provide you with no-frills, no-nonsense analysis using our experience and expertise. We have Twin Casino, a famous European brand of online casinos, in this study. This is their first Indian market foray. So, it’s time we dove deep into what Twin Casino Review has to offer guests. We have a lot of hopes for them because not only is their brand popular, but one of the most people-oriented, player-friendly ones.  In this analysis, we will address the deals they have to offer, games people can enjoy here, and payment options that promote deposits and withdrawals.

About Twin Casino

Before we explore the numerous promotions Twin has on sale, let’s take a look at who they are. They have a game-oriented approach to their website, and their main focus is on great online gaming production.

Their website aims to provide a secure, reliable game experience for players. But if you were playing here, it seems they’ve got everything you’d expect from a high-quality casino. They claim to have fantastic deals and fun games that will ensure a nice time for you.

User accessibility is part and parcel of what happens at Twin Casino. It is about making it easy to use, simpler, and more effective. 

Twin Casino India has a Malta Gaming Authority gaming license. But, to ensure that players are safe and that fair gaming processes are followed, they have to obey strict regulations.

An online casino isn’t worth much, without a decent incentive. We know your excitement about these deals. 

That’s why, besides the fantastic games that Twin Casino has to offer, we concentrate so much on that. 

You can do so much of the stuff with fantastic prizes on your side, like pump up the cash that you’ll be using to play here.

We should emphasize at this stage the sincerity with which Twin works. They state clearly they are not providing major casino incentives like their rivals. 

That is because they find it becomes impossible to turn it into real money for such incentives on other web pages. Some locations have higher wagering rates, compared with Twin.

Pros and Cons


Convenient to play Twin Casino Online Convenience is the biggest reason people play casino games online for real money. Casino lovers can play their favorite casino games with this online option without leaving their houses. Not only that, but they can also even play during the day at any time.

Developing mobile betting and gambling apps has made online gambling even more accessible for real money. Gambling addicts can now place bets on the go or play table games from the comfort of their own homes, with the ability to navigate online casino sites via mobile devices.

No Hidden Costs

It’s safe to play in land-based casinos, that is if there’s one in your vicinity. But otherwise, you’ll have to make a trip to Sin City or Atlantic City to experience true casino gambling. The trip would require, among other major expenses, spending money on transportation and lodging.

All you need while playing online is your home computer or mobile device, and a safe internet connexion. That is even better if you have access to free Wi-Fi. The only expense you will be incurring while playing online casino games is your betting money.

A good number of games

Many land-based casinos have a large set of games, but in the end, the game selection is restricted to the scale of their gaming field. 

Not only does an online casino have the typical games you’d find at a brick-and-mortar casino, but it also has hundreds of new games created by the latest technology. When you are on the internet, you can never run out of options.

Play Anytime

You’ll have to wait for the other to finish playing your favorite slot machine while you’re gambling in a land-based casino before you can try your luck with it. Similarly, if all the gaming tables are full, you can do nothing but wait.

Online play doesn’t have the time to wait. At any time you wish you can play any game you want. Since it is Internet-based, two or more people can also play the same game at some point in multiple places.

Much better RTP

Unlike their counterparts on the property, online casinos do not incur operating costs such as wages, utilities, or rent. Those online gambling sites can therefore give their players a much better RTP (return to player) on their games.

The RPT is the same for games that have their own set of rules like blackjack and roulette. Even so, you’re going to have a better chance of success when you play online slots than using real one-armed bandits actually.

Multiple Deposit Options

Most land-based casinos will tell you to fork cash out to buy the chips you need to start playing. If you run out of coins, and your wallet is out of cash as well, you’ll require to go to a nearby ATM to withdraw more money. That is a lot of trouble you won’t find while playing online casino games.

You can make contributions to your account at online twin casinos using multiple payment options. You can switch between credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, or PayPal digital wallets.

Various Bet sizes are available

Land-based casinos set minimum, and maximum bet amounts limitations, and often these bet limits are too high for casual and beginner gambling.

There are also restrictions when you play online twin casino games, but players of all budgets can enjoy playing there. Wagering choices are more diverse, and you can also bet for pennies in a number of sports.


Addicted to Gambling

People who are fond of gambling gradually become addicted to it. It’s not fun to become addicted to gambling. If you don’t spend it wisely, you could end up losing all of your money when the addict to gambling starts to gamble out of control without thinking about it. 

There are two gambling forms that you have already learned. You feel like you have to be playing all the time when you’re addicted to it. You become sad, lonely, and stressed out. Most gamblers who are addicted want to leave so much but have a hard time doing so.

Gambling is a Crime

When you have a casino in your city, the crime rate begins to increase. One study shows that the crime rate will start to increase five years after a casino is completed. According to the report, robbery is going up 136 per cent, car theft is going up 78 per cent, burglary is going up 50 per cent, and murder is going up 12 per cent. 

Often, police officers rise as crime increases. Because of the large amount of money, gambling is a crime priority. States like Nevada that have an enormous amount of gambling often have a large number of crimes. It all depends on how much gambling takes place in that place.


Casinos are carrying loads of traffic. You may have to wait for some time, maybe an hour or so in traffic, which may cause you to reach late to your destination. 

Waiting in traffic will cause some really grumpy drivers who will be extremely unpleasant when you get to work. Therefore going to work can be a challenge and a very frustrating one. The traffic is also slowing down everything, including emergency vehicles.

Latest Offers with Freebies

Quick Spin Achievements

This promotion is very unusual in that it only extends to those who play any games that the particular software developer has created. In this case, Quickspin is a software developer who specializes in making slot games.

You will be awarded that can be traded in for free spins, respins, side games, and other bonus features when you come across six different unique situations in these games. These tokens are not listed in the bonus terms and conditions at all, so we presume that any winnings from these tokens would be subject to the same playthrough criteria that were subject to the Twintroduction bid.

Live BlackJack Monday Reward

One of the new additions to Twin Casino’s list of promotions is the Black Monday promo. If you’re at heart a blackjack player, then you’re going to be delighted to know that this deal is made for you.

All you have to do is play one hand in Evolution Gaming’s Blackjack Live game on any given Monday, and you’ll be rewarded with 25 free spins on the slot called Gonzo’s Quest. The winnings from these free spins are subject to a wagering limit of 35x the amount of money from which you win.

Payment Methods

Twin Casino’s banking options include a mixed bag of e-wallets, credit cards, prepay cards, and bank transfers. The only thing that they seem to lack is the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin, which has recently exploded in popularity.

Waiting periods are extremely fair as all deposits are completed immediately, and withdrawals are made in less than a week regardless of the process you chose. We like to see that when depositing money there are no fees at all, but it’s not ideal that they charge a fee on all but two types of withdrawal. 

On the other side, it’s nice that those withdrawal fees are only a flat amount of €2.5 rather than a percentage of the total withdrawal sum like some casinos attempt to enforce.

Customer Service

Anyone who has played in different online casinos knows that there will always be a moment when you need to get the customer service department ahold. This is valid regardless of how big the casino is, as small problems occur all the time.

The two ways to reach the customer service department are by email and live chat. It’s a little surprising to see they haven’t provided a phone option as most casinos do.

Another negative aspect of Twin Casino’s customer service department is that during the specified hours you can only get ahold of them which coincides with the language, you talk about. 

This is probably because they don’t have enough delegates who speak one of the five languages endorsed at all times to have anyone on call. There’s also no way to know what these hours are as they didn’t mention them on their website anywhere, including their FAQ page.

When we tried to contact them during office hours, we were highly pleased with their pace of response and their level of courtesy. The Live Chat function has an average response time of just 30 seconds, which is significantly faster than the email process.


Twin Casino is a new casino online, but unless you did some digging into their background, you wouldn’t be able to find this out. They sell a large assortment of games from a lot of popular software developers and are licensed by one of the world’s most stringent gaming authorities.

The fact that they seem to be continuously adding games and promotions to their platform really proves they are serious about becoming a household name in the gambling industry. Moving money from and to Twin casino is very easy as the deposits are immediate and all withdrawals are made on average in less than a week.

If we faced the challenge of trying to develop Twin Casino, we would make available 24/7 customer service, and release a mobile app as soon as possible. It is easy to see that Twin Casino is a fantastic online casino to play on if you accept the fact that these minor issues are the only challenges that Twin Casino Review has, and that they are actively working on improving.

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